August 24, 2016

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27.09.2010 Buy Quality, Save Money
I recently was having dinner with a friend The discussion of fashion and quality came up She mourned about buying 
15.09.2010 Alice Saddy Foundation
The Situation One of my favorite London organizations is the Alice Saddy Foundation a non-profit organization who views all people 

Welcome to City Centre Archives

A document storage and record management company.

Welcome to the company that manages the life cycle of your documents.

The storage room is crammed.  The filing list can’t be found.  The tax department has just called to demand an audit. It’s never too late. City Centre Archives will assist.  We will help you get organized in time.

And if yours is a privacy-sensitive organization – health care, finance, legal, accounting – we are at your service.

City Centre Archives minimizes frustration and saves valuable time by helping you get organized, so the information is at your finger tips. Our innovative storage solutions protect your valuable information from theft, espionage, flood and fire damage.

What We Do

organize organize organize organize organize